Linfield Christian School recognizes that talents, skills, and abilities are often discernable at very young ages. In order to nurture those giftings, Lions Academy creates opportunities for our elementary students to explore a variety of arts, athletics, and leadership.

Second Session 2019-2020

Lions Academy offers a variety of classes and activities for students in grades K-5. All classes meet once or twice a week after school for 4-10 weeks. Offerings for the second session of the 2019-2020 school year include the following: Baseball, Flag Football, Dodgeball, Golf, Bible Study, Leadership, Public Speaking, Sewing, Watercolor Painting, Cooking, Chess, and Robotics. For more information about cost, enrollment, and specific courses, please click on the link below.

Lions Academy Session 2

2020欧洲杯投注开户To register for Lions Academy classes, please visit the Resource Board in your MyLinfield account:

Physical Activity

A growing body of data suggests that Elementary age children are not as physically active as they should be, something that often leads to obesity. Lions Academy provides opportunities for students to exercise, practice, and develop new skills.


Our program is staffed with the faculty members you know and trust, and this includes professional trainers and teaching assistants to keep the ratio of students to teachers low.

Great Value

We understand the cost of working with personal athletic trainers/clubs and tutorial companies. By attending Lions Academy, your students can stay on Linfield’s campus with excellent supervision and instruction at a competitive cost.

Positive Impact

Research suggests that students who engage in after-school activities spend more time with their families at home. We want this program to give students the best opportunities in all phases of growth and development, and we want it to have a positive impact on your family time at home.

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