Building on the Core-Subject Foundation

The Linfield Christian Middle School curriculum builds upon the core-subject foundation established in the Elementary School with an increased emphasis on logic and critical thinking.  Bible, English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and History are the core subjects in addition to a full elective and co-curricular program.  Elective offerings include Academic Enrichment, Home Ec, Art, Band, Beginning Spanish, Drama, Advanced Technology, STEAM, Mathematics Tutorials, and Medical Detectives. Educational field trips and assemblies, reading incentive programs, band, honor choir, chess club, and sports camps offer enrichment opportunities.

Bible-Based Curriculum

The Bible curriculum at the Middle School covers both Old and New Testament themes, as well as the central message of salvation. Through their study of biblical truth, students explore how they can face the challenges of living in community with others. Weekly chapels include worship, prayer, guest speakers, dramatic skits, and student-produced videos that focus on themes from Bible classes. Students participate in a variety of community service opportunities, which, as an extension of the Bible curriculum, encourage students to practically apply biblical principles of Christian service and share the Gospel with others in the immediate Temecula Valley and larger worldwide communities.

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